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Track engagement and commitment of your remote workforce.

This is particularly important in times of crisis. Learn when your employees are in distress, help them with everything they need to succeed in difficult situations.

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Remote Work Beat™

500 million responses 

in over 80 countries.

Global Delivery & Worldwide coverage.

Frictionless remote working.




employee engagement & commitment on a daily-basis.

what they need to stay motivated & work efficiently. 

to ensure that they have what they need to succeed.

100% anonymous feedback to get the honest response you need to support your workforce.

Let employees respond to a simple one question pulse with a smiley.

Add open text and multiple-choice questions to understand their needs later.

Create branded and inviting surveys.


Get responses in a way that best suits everyone. Send out links, create recurring task or integrate surveys directly into your intranet.

Reach out to your teams.


Your dashboard instantly summarizes feedback for you so you can focus on the actions needed to keep your employees focused and motivated.

Work with summarized feedback.



Marketing team lacks resources to work efficiently.

Well done!

“Good morning meeting” INCREASED engagement by 34%, 

"Goal clarification sheet" INCREASED your index by 12%.

Efficiency dropped by 12% on Friday.

Compare and contrast different teams or offices to find the weakest areas for improvement.

Compare teams & offices.


To use OMBEA you don't need to build a new infrastructure or use consultancies.

Our platform works seamlessly in parallel to your existing tools, continuously reporting on your remote employee engagement and commitment.

Ready to use in minutes, not months.

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